Our Mission

The three E’s (Exaltation, Edification, and Evangelization) CBCCP’s mission is to bring glory to God through the exaltation of Jesus Christ, the edification of believers, and the evangelization of the world.

我們的使命: 三重使命(高舉基督、造就信徒、廣傳福音) 中華聖經教會樂道堂的使命是, 高舉基督、造就信徒、廣傳福音, 使神的榮耀彰顯.

Our Vision and Values

CBCCP’s vision is to carry out our mission through producing generations of Christ’s disciples from diverse cultural backgrounds who bring God’s blessings to the campus, community, and world.

中華聖經教會樂道堂的異象是造就來自多元文化背景的基督門徒, 薪火相傳, 把神的祝福帶到校園、本地, 和地極.


Majoring on God’s inspired and inerrant Word (2 Timothy 3:16-17)
We will always be committed to the inerrant, inspired Word of God revealed in the OT and NT Scriptures as the ultimate instruction and authority for Christian faith, life, and ministry. As God’s literal words to us, we believe that it is God’s primary method for revealing Himself and bringing about life transformation and growth as a disciple. Therefore, we strive to be Bible-centered in all that we do in ministry and life. We also seek for God to direct our ministry by emphasizing what the Bible emphasizes. We recognize that while there is a diversity of theological perspectives within orthodox Christendom, there is also unity around the primary doctrines embraced by evangelical Christians. We choose to major in the primary/essential areas of unity in the Christian faith as reflected in our broadly evangelical statement of faith, and we are committed to consistently teaching and upholding these without compromise. In secondary areas/doctrines (including those for which we may have a church position/policy such as spiritual gifts or gender roles within the church), we prefer not to expend energy to fight over different orthodox views, but instead we strive to work together with love and respect.

神無誤的話語是我們的根基與焦點 (提後3:16-17)

新舊約聖經是 神所默示、完全無誤的話語, 也是我們信仰、生活與事工之最高教導與權威. 我們相信聖經是神賜下的話語, 是我們認識祂和生命改變的主要途徑. 因此, 在事工與個人生活一切所行的事上, 我們竭力以聖經為中心, 並尋求神指引教會事工, 強調聖經所強調的. 我們認可正統基督教神學觀點雖有些微差異, 但福音派基督徒對於主要教義是持有共同立場的. 我們選擇在主要的教義上反映福音派的信仰宣言, 我們也致力於一貫的教導, 絕無妥協. 至於次要教義(包括屬靈恩賜、教會中的男女角色等議題, 我們有教會的立場與方針), 我們不願多費精力爭辯, 而致力在愛與尊重中一起同工.


Magnifying God with whole life worship (Romans 12:1)

In a sense, for a Christian and for a Christian church, all life is worship. Worship as such is most central to the church, for our purpose of existence is to glorify God and to enjoy His presence forever. On a particular level, the worship service, more than any other activity, brings God’s people together to meet with Him, to glorify Him, and to receive blessings from Him. We will endeavor to make our worship services a place of active participation and life transformation that complements whole-life worship. Furthermore, we recognize that the bulk of our worship of God is in our homes, schools, workplaces, and communities. To glorify God through whole-life worship, we must experience the transforming Gospel in all its fullness every day and moment of the week. We will build our members to worship and glorify God in all things through presenting our lives as living and holy sacrifices which are acceptable and pleasing to God. By the Spirit’s empowerment, we will strive to order our lives around God’s Word, resulting in radical obedience to Him and His ways and nonconformity to the ways of the world in every arena and moment of our lives.

神的榮耀是個人和教會終極的目標 (羅 12:1, 林前10:31)

對於基督徒與基督教會而言, 敬拜神是我們的一切. 敬拜是教會的核心, 因為我們存在的主要目的就是榮耀神, 並永遠以祂的同在為樂. 敬拜聚會比其他任何節目更能帶領人來到神面前、榮耀祂並領受祂的祝福. 我們致力於個人積極投入及帶來生命改變之全人敬拜. 並且, 我們對神的敬拜大部分是在家中、學校、工作場所和社區, 我們必須在日常生活中經歷福音改變的大能, 活出敬拜與榮耀神的生活. 我們致力於建造會友獻上自己為活祭, 是聖潔的, 是神所喜悅的. 靠著聖靈的大能, 我們致力遵循神的話語, 對祂絕對順服, 心意更新而變化, 不效法這個世界.


Mirroring our triune God with our love and unity (John 13:34-35)
We consider that a life of love and unity is one of the most central issues in our value system, for it is not only the new commandment the Lord gave to His church, but is also at the center of our witness to the world, that they may know we are disciples of Christ. We are to mirror our Triune God’s unity within our diversity, living as one church in three congregations, with healthy relationships promoted and cultivated across generations and congregations. The testimony of love and unity must first be demonstrated in the leadership, and then flow to the whole congregation. It is to be reflected in how we relate to, care for, walk, and work with one another. Sharing the same purpose, faith, hope, love, and ministry is of higher priority than sharing outward activities, so our focus will be on building Christ-centered relationships and genuine Christian community rather than simply programs.

彰顯神的愛與合一是我們的表徵 (約 13:34-35)

我們相信愛與合一不僅是主賜給祂的教會之新命令, 也是我們見證之核心, 眾人能因此認出我們是基督的門徒. 我們要在多元中反映神三位一體合一的特性. 三個堂會是一個教會. 由領袖開始, 帶動全體會眾, 跨越年代、跨越堂會, 彼此關顧, 配搭事奉. 不在於外表聯合活動之合一, 乃要竭力保守聖靈所賜合而為一的心, 同有一個指望. 因此, 我們的焦點是建立以基督為中心的關係, 以及真實的基督教會.


Making and multiplying disciples and churches (Matthew 28:18-20, 2 Timothy 2:2, Ephesians 4:11-13)
Making generations of multiplying disciples and equipping the saints for maturity (Christ-like character in real life) and the work of service are the basic commission of the Church. The end product of church ministries should not be a set of activities, but lives maturing in Christ-likeness as multiplying disciples. As such, our teaching and ministries will focus on discipleship and life-change in Christ (spiritual growth in maturity, service, and reproduction). We will seek to maintain only those programs which have the necessary structure, training, equipping, accountability, and supervision to foster genuine discipleship and spiritual multiplication in the present and future generations of our church. As part of the multiplication process, we will also seek to plant new churches locally as well as globally. We believe church-planting is a healthy and sustainable strategy for growth and prefer that over building a church in just one location.

倍增門徒和教會是我們的託付 (太28:18-20, 提後 2:2, 弗 4:11-13)

門徒倍增與裝備聖徒生命成熟(生命流露基督的樣式)並參與服事是教會基本的使命. 教會事工的產品是倍增的、像基督的門徒, 絕非一系列的活動. 我們的教導與事工將聚焦於門徒訓練及基督裡生命之改變(靈命成長、服事與更新). 我們只會投注於訓練、裝備、督責之事工, 致力於門徒訓練與靈命建造. 我們相信植堂是健康的教會增長之策略, 在本地或遠方植堂是倍增的方法之一.


Ministering the Gospel holistically to our diverse community and world (Matthew 28:18-20, Acts 1:8, 2:42-47)
In making and multiplying disciples, we must reach out holistically to our diverse community and world with the Gospel. This Gospel outreach consists of two geographical spheres: local ministry and missions ministry. Our church must mobilize our members and work together for both local evangelism as well as global cross-cultural missions. We are to help our members live as senders and/or goers in the Great Commission locally and globally.

For local ministry, we are called to reach out to our community which includes people from diverse socio-economic backgrounds (Col 3:11). While we recognize and utilize our special effectiveness to reach out to those like us (e.g., Chinese, educated, white-collar), we also recognize the need to reach out to those of different backgrounds that God has put around us in our everyday lives (e.g., neighbors, coworkers, local community). Thus, we define the communities we are to reach out to as: “E1” – those who are culturally most like us, thus, easiest for us to reach; “E2” – people who are culturally somewhat like us but somewhat different, implying that we must make more effort to reach out to them; and “E3” – those who are culturally distant from us, in which case we may have to gather more resources, human or otherwise, in order to reach them. Our three language/culture-based congregations may have different E1, E2, and E3 communities, and these communities may change over time as our congregations evolve. Each congregation must be challenged to continually be contributing to reaching their respective E1, E2, and E3 communities and working in partnership with the other two congregations to reach shared communities.

To be faithful to the Great Commission, we will also make missions ministry a key priority of our church on par with local ministry. This means that we will be continually equipping our members to find and live out their role as senders and/or goers in the global mission. We will seek to be a healthy sending church with our own members regularly being sent out and the rest of our members actively supporting our missionaries through giving, prayer, caring, and logistical support. As with local ministry, we are called to reach the diverse people groups in our world (Matt 28:18, Acts 1:8, Rev 5:9). Thus, we will prioritize our missions ministry to send and support cross-cultural missionaries to strategically work among the many remaining unreached people groups. We as the Body of Christ are also called to minister to the whole person just as Christ and the early Church did since both our spirit and our bodies are included in the accomplishment of God’s salvation in Christ. This is not the same as preaching a “social gospel”, but it is recognizing that our participation in local and global mercy, justice, and other physical ministries can and should rightly complement our efforts to spread the Gospel message of salvation.

全備的傳揚福音是我們的熱忱 (太28:18-20, 徒 2:42-47, 西3:11)

我們要在本地多元的社區與普世傳揚福音, 服事全人. 福音事工包括本地福音事工和宣教事工. 我們要推動會員參與本地福音事工及普世跨文化宣教事工, 成為差派者及/或出去者.

在本地事工方面, 聖經呼召我們向周圍的人傳福音, 包括來自多元的社會經濟背景的人(西3:11). 當我們認可並利用我們的特殊優勢來接觸和我們一樣的人(例如, 華人、知識分子、白領)的同時, 我們也看見, 接觸神在日常生活中, 放在我們周圍的人(例如, 鄰居、同事)的需要性. 因此, 我們將傳福音的對象定義如下: E1- 文化上與我們相同, 對我們最容易傳的; E2- 文化上有些相似但不盡相同, 需要多花一些精力去傳的; E3- 文化與我們不同, 需要付出更多資源人力才能傳的. 我們的三個堂會有不同的E1, E2, E3福音對象, 隨著時間與各堂會的發展, 也可能會有些改變.* 每個堂會要繼續致力於個別的E1, E2, E3福音對象, 也與其他兩個堂會配搭, 致力於共同的福音對象.

為著忠心於主的大使命, 我們將同時致力於宣教事工與向多元的群體傳福音之本地事工(太28:18, 徒1:8, 啟5:9). 我們將不斷的裝備會友參與大使命, 成為差派者及/或出去者. 教會將致力成為健康的差傳教會, 差派會友, 並以金錢、禱告、關顧支持. 因此, 我們將以跨文化為宣教事工重點, 差派與支持向未得之民宣教的單位.

最為基督的身體, 我們被呼召去服事全人, 正如基督與早期教會一樣, 因為我們的身體與靈魂皆蒙受神在基督裡的救贖大功. 這並非要傳「社會福音」, 乃是看見, 無論在本地或普世, 我們在憐憫、公義及其他實質上的參與, 能輔助我們傳揚救贖信息.