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Missions Support Pledge

Please prayerfully consider your response to the Lord's Great Commission and share your pledge of support and participation in the Great Commission and our church’s missions program by 10/29/23.

Missions Support Pledge 


Cross Conference 2024

Talks, Panels, and Breakouts Videos available by clicking here.

Post Missions Conference 2023 Workshop (English) 講座(語言: 英文) 

James & Wonhee Poon將介紹伊斯蘭教、穆斯林文化及如何向穆斯林傳福音.

Islam, Muslim Culture, and How to share the Gospel to Muslims

James and Wonhee Poon will cover the origin of Islam, provide an understanding of God’s plan for salvation of Muslims and our roles in His plan, and relationships and community outreach. 

Date: 10/28 (Saturday)  Time: 9 - noon 

Location: CBCCP - Fellowship Hall



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