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Blue Skies

Our Church: 

Pray for Children’s Ministry Department:

  • Pray for winter quarter teachers’ spiritual and physical health. Pray that they can experience God’s blessings as they serve the children.

  • Praise God for raising up new teachers, parent and teen coworkers, and a new deacon to serve children's ministry. Pray for unity, grace, and humility as the deacons serve together.

  • Pray for our campus ministries (Maryland Bible Study Group, Greenbelt, and Roots) that God will use them to bring people to know Christ.

  • Pray  that the Lord will use ESL, the Mandarin newcomer class, and the Happiness group for us to reach out and serve the newcomers. Pray for all the coworkers to have wisdom & strength from the Lord and prepare well for each class/gathering.

Pastors, Board of Elders, Board of Deacons, and the church:

  • Pray for His provision and guidance for a suitable senior pastor candidate to meet the church’s needs.

  • Pray for wisdom and unity and God’s work for our church as we move forward with developing and implementing our new emphasis in the coming years on Expanding God’s Kingdom.

  • Pray for the deacons to be fruitful and honoring to God as they serve Him in their jobs and in their service at church.

  • Pray that the new year will motivate brothers and sisters to move closer to God, experiencing His peace and grace more deeply and demonstrating our love for one another in more meaningful ways.

  • Pray for His guidance as we plan and run various fellowship and outreach events in the coming months.


  • Pray for brothers & sisters to live out the theme, "Growing in Maturity in Christ," as they move into a new chapter of independence. May God provide resources and additional pastoral and administrative staff for the church's evolving needs.

  • Pray for more active pursuit of the great commission at the church and home group level, that more families and individuals get involved in local outreach and missions trips beyond the local area.

  • Pray for the teens who'll go onto college this year to continue their walk with the Lord and grow into spiritual maturity by connecting with the church community wherever they'll be.


Our country and society:

  • Pray for the unity of our country. As the whole country begins to prepare for this year’s election, pray for the political and church leaders’ to have wisdom to bring in more unity instead of division. Pray that they won’t be blinded by worldly gods.

  • Pray for the Lord to help our country in the midst of our growing division and fractured political, racial, economic, and gender relationships to find reconciliation and healing thru the Church's faithful witness for Jesus and His Gospel. May the Lord make us His instruments of His peace and hope and forgiveness to our neighbors, friends, coworkers, and community.

  • Pray for the Lord's peace, healing, and forgiveness for all parties in the escalating wars and tensions in the Middle East, and pray for the Gospel to have open doors to give eternal hope to the suffering ones in the midst of the conflicts.

  • Pray for those who are suffering in the Middle East conflicts. Pray for those who are losing loved ones or suffering personal injury/not having basic needs met. We pray that God would bring comfort and hope to all those in need.

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