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Plato Chen

Pastor, English Congregation

By God’s grace, Plato came to hear and accept the good news of Jesus Christ during a Christian summer camp during his elementary school years.  The family friends who invited him to that camp began to take him weekly to their church, and he spent the remainder of his childhood years active in the church.  However, he went through a significant phase of “Sunday Christianity” until getting to know more committed believers in his last year of high school.  At that time, he was challenged to seriously pursue Christ and live out his Christian faith 24/7.  This pursuit began in earnest during his college years at the University of Michigan, where he was heavily involved in the ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ.  During those years, he gained a vision of God’s high calling for the Christian life and committed to following and serving God throughout His life.  He also began to sense that God would eventually call him to serve in full-time Christian ministry at some point.

After completing graduate school in 1990, he moved to Maryland to begin work as an environmental engineer and joined CBC-CP shortly thereafter.  After actively serving for a number of years, he became a church elder in 1998, and he began to sense more strongly that God was leading him to consider full-time ministry.  With that in mind, in 2000 he began seminary training part-time at Capital Bible Seminary while continuing to work as an engineer full-time.  He completed his Masters of Divinity degree in 2009, and in 2011 responded to God and the church’s call to become the English Minister.

The Lord has placed a real burden in his heart for CBC-CP and its growth as a healthy intergenerational/intercongregational body that honors and exalts the Triune God, loves and serves one another, and reaches out to the lost locally and globally.  He desires to use his spiritual gifts and talents to help lead the English congregation to fulfill this vision and build many more committed disciples who know Jesus and make Him known to the whole world.  He invites you to check out what the Lord is doing at CBC-CP and join us in proclaiming His glory throughout this community and to the ends of the earth!



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